Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thing 23

Boy oh boy...done.

I really enjoyed another look at YouTube, the image generator and creating the pottery rollyo. I have honestly learned an incredible amount about the new web-based technologies because of this training.

Next time around, I would suggest that the sites stay in working order until the completion date for the training. In being new to so many of these technologies, I was unable to discern whether or not a site was in working order and, therefore, spun my wheels for too long only to find that the site was 'broken.' Also, I would have liked a little more detailed instruction within some assignments. Fortunately, my coworkers were wonderful in helping with the learning curve. Learning to import, link feeds or videos was a big challenge to someone of my stoneage level.

Hopefully, I will have a chance to use some of these resources in a library setting in the near future.

Thing 22

So, it isn't necessary to create an account in NetLibrary now as MoCo allows the simple entry of a library barcode no. and the pin no. I hadn't looked at NetLibrary for awhile so this is a nice simplification.

It's still frustrating to anticipate finding much of anything new--there are a little over 3000 titles at this time. None of the newer books I wanted are there yet and the Subject areas need a little boost. When clicking on Arts & Entertainment there is but one title, count it, one. I will say, however, that the download interface is fabulously easier to understand and use. When the collection is broadened and a significant number of titles added NetLibrary will go from being a good resource to a great resource.

Thing 21

I found Podcast Alley a little difficult to navigate. The commercial stuff on the site gets in the way of finding the podcasts and downloading them. Also, so many of the library related podcasts were no longer there so I finally went to an environmental site and found some interesting programs.

I placed the Environment Show Feed on my blog and will look forward to listening to some of the programs.

I very much like the ability to search within podcast subject areas. I still love 'listening' to broadcast media---things like the programming at NPR so I can see seeking out various subjects of interest for a quiet evening 'listen'.

Thing 21

Thing 20

I have used YouTube in the past to look at recommended videos and to find friend's public appearances and more. It is also an amazing archive of musical performances both old and new.

I placed a favorite Nat. Geo. video about an orangutan and dog friend.

Using YouTube for the creation of library website videos has vast potential--anything from training the public to use our catalog and databases to features of upcoming YA programming in order to catch our teens from the Teensite Library pages.

Orangutan and Hound Video

Thing 19

Investigated some of the award nominees and created an account on Urbanspoon. Loved looking at the reviews for my already favorite Frederick restaurants and will definitely use this for wider dining in Washington, D.C.

Loved the food site, IMCOOKED...there is a video of Christopher Walken roasting a chicken and Paul McCartney making mashed potatoes. What a riot. This is like a non-stop cooking show and after watching a given video would really lend some confidance in trying a new recipe. Such fun.